Week Seven

This is the last blog post of my 8 week practicum and the last one of my degree at IDEA. It honestly felt like this moment would never come. The last four years have felt like 10 years of life lived. It was a great struggle but I can sit here and type that I have made it through the storm and I am sailing towards a kind of paradise. I have done so much growing over the last 4 years and the struggle to get here has made the achievement that much more striking and life changing. This exchange between Pooh and Piglet capture the essence of what I have felt and now feel:

“How does one become a butterfly?”
Pooh asked pensively…
“You must want to fly so much that you’re
willing to give up being a caterpillar,”
Piglet replied……
“You mean you die?”
Asked Pooh.
“Yes and no” he answered.
“What looks like you will die but what’s really you will live on.”
-A.A. Milan, Winnie the Pooh

A throwback picture of Ian and I racing across the life drawing room in 1st year at IDEA. This week was the second to last week of my 4th year at IDEA and marks the end of my degree.

Engine Digital has helped me to shed the chrysalis and find my wings. IDEA and the trauma of my skiing accident in 1st year gave me the struggle I needed to find the contrast and my resilience.

A selfie at a cafe in Gastown. Tired and excited and all the feels before setting up the IDEA Grad Show at the Harbour Centre.

I have a lot of people to thank who are my greatest teachers and my constant supporters over the last 4 years. The most vital being my mother and my step father Chuck. Words will never do justice what it has meant to me that I have them in my life. When I was in the darkness, at the bottom of my despair and struggle, they helped point me toward my own light. When I was unable to trust myself and couldn’t see a way forward they help me find the path again. I love you both you will always be my greatest teachers and mentors.

My parents. We are the three amigos! They have been my support team throughout this degree. I would not be here at the finish line without them.

The next two people are Gracey and Matt from Engine Digital. Over the last 8 weeks they have empowered me and championed me. They have made me feel seen and heard. They have empowered me to grab hold of my own power and confidence in ability to be a part of a team. They have embraced me and connected me to a world that opens up so many wonderful opportunities. They have advocated for me and they are a big part of me getting an offer to work at Engine Digital. Thank-you both from the bottom of my heart.

I discovered the best sushi place near the ED office! They have sushi donuts!! YUM!

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the concluding paragraph of this post.

A very fashionable doggy spotted on the streets of Yaletown.
Georgia curled up.

Wild Bunch is a beautiful florist store just a few metres from ED office.

Goodbye drinks on Friday. It was Trixie’s last day at ED. She is moving on to another position after 5 years of working with ED. Everyone is sad to see her go!
Out on one of the ED decks for some celebration/goodbye drinks for Trixie.
The after party at the ANZA club.

Now on to the next chapter of my life. The beginning of something lighter and more joyful. I have so much momentum and can’t wait to get started on this next journey. Onward full tilt!!!


Week Six

Awesome mural on west 7th. It is en route on my walk to work.

It honestly blows my mind how much learning can be crammed into a one week period but that is what happens every week I spend at ED. This week was spent helping Gracey with a homepage search redesign for a big client in NYC.

Yummy pizza for lunch from 33 Acres.
This is the doggy daycare down the street from Nuba. It is now where I will go when I need a pick me up.
Lunch at Nuba with Sam-a-lam

A sketch session with Roxanne (UX strategist/designer) and Gracey (designer) for a new homepage search redesign.

We started by collaborating on a sketch session with Roxanne who is a UX strategist at ED. We spent a few hours looking over some of Roxanne’s existing sketches with the direction the client wants to go in and then we spent the rest of the time coming up with as many ideas as possible within that time window. I loved this part of the process because it was so collaborative and got me on my feet and my creative juices flowing. I always feel like my voice is heard and Gracey and Roxanne made me feel empowered to speak my mind and share my ideas.

Make It Pop Quiz is happening on April 17th and I’m the Quizmaster!!

I was also juggling another project for the Make It Pop Quiz ED is hosting April 17th. I volunteered to be the Quizmaster so I spent some of my time researching and coming up with design and pop culture trivia questions. It has been such a fun exercise for me and I have been working closely with Peter the Design Director. Peter is such a great leader and always steers me in a great direction!

A spin around the seawall with Jaden.
Producer, Designer and Engineer walk into a meeting room…

I also got to work on another project supporting Matthew for a big client presentation. It was another fun assignment because I got another shot at cutting my teeth with motion design!

Some TGIF beers with the team!

After the sketch session Gracey and I divided and conquered the work in designing the 3 different designs we had come up with. This was to help Roxanne explain the different UX decisions and design directions the client could go in. After a late night of designing a relatively high fidelity prototype in sketch we had an internal regroup to go over designs with the developer before our client meeting in the afternoon. Long story short there was a lot of miscommunication that happened in the process in delivering the finalized designs to the client. The CEO of ED, Stephen, swooped in last minute to give his input which ended up drastically changing our design directions which forced us to reschedule the client meeting.

Little golden retriever pupper outside 33 Acres. He was a soggy dog 🙂

Later on, after making the major changes to the design we presented the new experience to the client and ended up getting feedback that spontaneously led us to show the previous designs. The client ended up liking the old designs better so we ended up having to regroup again and do a fusion of the two. Although it was a bit stressful at the time, in retrospect it was a good learning experience in how we could improve for next time and a good lesson for me in that not every project or situation will go according to plan. This magnifies the importance of having tight team communication and making sure everyone is on the same page before moving to far forward. It ends up making a lot more work for everyone involved and most likely won’t hit the mark on the problem we are trying to solve.

Hilarious round of Mario Party on the Nintendo Switches. My cheeks hurt when all was said and done.

Hard to see, but this is a picture of our table at Don’t Argue Pizzeria.

I honestly can’t believe there are only two weeks left of this journey and only one week until gradshow! I’m buckling down and going to enjoy the rest of this chaotic and joyful ride. Yeeehawww!

Week Five

This week went by in a blur. It was made up of the usual weekly structure with meetings, working hard and team collaboration. The week started with the team meeting for “Review + Retro.” I really enjoy this part of ED’s process since it allows for everyone to air out or address any concerns and also fosters a spirit of praise and appreciation for the hard work everyone does at the agency.

In terms of the content of the work I did this week it was a lot of support and preparing for meetings. I started the week by helping support Matt with design research for a big new client. It was fun to digg around for cool examples of how e-commerce experiences can break the mold of classic/current patterns and models while still driving conversions. It was also gratifying to find examples that Matt is using in the client presentation.

Review and Retro for cycle 6.

By mid week I moved on to developing questions for the upcoming Make It Pop Quiz. Since I am the quizmaster I have to come up with the themes for the four rounds under the 4 categories of design, film + TV, music and pop culture and the subsequent questions. Peter, the design director, is helping push the direction of the questions so I create a fun and engaging pub quiz. The official date and location is April 17th at 6:30pm at The Railway. If you’re reading this post, bring your friends and come join us!

The production team’s daily check-in. Going over the kanban,

Thursday was jammed pack full of meetings and was my turn to do the practicum takeover for the IDEA grad show promotion. It started off with a contexting meeting for a large enterprise client. This project is different from a lot of the project’s ED typically does since it’s more of a vision project than a production project. It was cool to sit in on this meeting to see how projects get kicked off and great for me to see this part of the process.

Christine’s daughter Josie came for a visit to the office on Wednesday. Christine is the new director of UX.

The contexting objective is to breakdown all of parts of a project and make sure everyone on the team are on the same page and know how we are going to collectively approach the project.

Pawel and Dan writing out all of the particulars for the contexting meeting.

It was a great learning experience for me and gave me a better understanding of ED’s process and how they bring the logistics of a project together.

The breakdown for how a contexting of a project is structured.

Following this meeting I had agency agile training with James the VP of operations. This meeting was meant to happen during my first week but things got crazy due to scheduling conflicts and flupocolypse 2k19. In a way it was a happy accident that this meeting got pushed since I had a greater context of how the agency operates since I had been living it the last 4 weeks. Since I had that context I was able to digest a lot more comprehensively why the agency operates under this model.

Cool to see my name in an official ED client brief.

The last meeting was with Emily, Isaac and Courtney who are doing their mentorship project with ED. It was really neat to see the torch being carried on by these three. Their project pitch received a standing ovation and loud clap from Matt which was well earned. Their idea is very cool and is something I wish existed. We joked they should drop out of school now and make it a startup since it has real tangible potential in the market. I really enjoyed being able to provide feedback and insight since it was a process I had been through last year with Jaden.

To cap this wonderful week off I lead the Design Sync on Friday which I was both nervous and excited for. I prepared a fun and goofy warm-up exercise called the nickname game. I came up with a bunch of strange nicknames and everyone pulled out one from a hat and put it on. Next we went around the circle and everyone introduced themselves by their new nickname and came up with a short story on the spot of how they got their nickname. It was hilarious to hear Peter describe how he got the nickname Dr. Dewy from being born in a library and how he subsequently structured his entire life based off the dewey decimal system LOL.

After the warm up we had to refer to each other by our new found nicknames for the rest of the meeting haha. I led the team through some house keeping and then finished with a group self reflection activity. It was structured around writing a list as long as you could in 5 minutes starting with the phrase “I am ______.” Next I partnered people up and got them to read their list to each other without looking at each others. The last step was to unpack in the larger group what identities we bring into work and which one’s we conceal or leave outside of work. I started with the question do you bring your full self to work? What identities do you either purposefully or unconsciously conceal? It was a very fruitful conversation and was really neat to see how engaged everyone was.

A shot from the bus on my way back to Vancouver from a weekend visit to my hometown Kamloops.

Leading this meeting was a great exercise for me in leadership and facilitating engagement and team connection. I walked away from this week feeling content but exhausted. It was another great week and the continuation of building creative confidence, learning and trust within ED.

Week Four

Well let’s just say that this week could be compared to the movie 28 days later and our office looked something like this:

“What I imagine the office looking like.”- Peter

“Flupocolypse” hit. And it hit hard. Over half our office succumbed to this nasty virus and I was hit starting Friday morning and wasn’t able to get back into the office until the following Friday.

Although no one is ever stoked to be sick, I will say in the aftermath I have learned a couple of things because of it. The first being how to communicate with people on the work you’re able to get done given you’re not feeling 100%. It was a good lesson in learning who the people are you need to communicate with and how to make your job and theirs more manageable given the less than ideal circumstances. The second being—and I know this is going to sound obvious but we are so conditioned to go against this and push through—is stay in bed, rest up and you’re going to feel a lot better a lot sooner 🙂 The work is still going to be waiting for you when you return back to normal health.

Given I was sick, I communicated that I might need to push the timeline of the project I was working on a bit. Luckily that was an available option and it took some of the pressure off. To my surprise and satisfaction, I was able to complete the majority of the work by Friday and send it off to the client by EOD and then dash off to ladies night! Wooo!

My desk next to Gracey. Some assets I was mocking up for a client (an option of 3 which ended up not getting picked).

There were several highlights this week despite being sick. One of them being finishing work I was slightly anxious to tackle. I had to make an animated gif for a client’s social media channels. I have used After Effects before but I wasn’t completely confident in my ability. I ended up watching some tutorials and getting help and feedback from Pawel and Gracey along the way which made the process much more enjoyable.

Friday’s Design Sync. Scott reading out an affirmation about Gracey during our kumbaya sesh

The second highlight and possibly my favourite was our kumbaya session in Friday’s design sync. Pawel directed the meeting and had an exercise where we wrote out on sticky notes positive affirmations about each team member. Then we went around in a circle and read out what we had all written about the person and then went on to the next person, etc. It was really lovely to be reminded of our appreciation and admiration of each other. Being so new to ED it was touching to hear the connections between other team members who have been working together for years. It was also wonderful to hear all the nice things they had to say about me even in the short time I’ve had the pleasure of working along side them.

Ladies Night and the feelings right / oh it’s ladies night oh what a night!
The mostly devoured tapas at the hip taperia Como on Main.

Now that flupocolypse 2019 is behind us and week four came to an end I felt more bonded to the team and feel a greater sense of camaraderie that continues to expand as time moves on!

Gracey and I having a moment.

Week Three

Week three was another blur. I can honestly say that I have yet to have a moment where I look at the clock and think time isn’t moving at all. In fact it is quite the opposite. I look up at the clock and can’t believe where the time has gone which I have come to realize is something I feel quite grateful for. Being able to get into a flow state and feel as if time doesn’t exist is a pretty odd but somewhat satisfying experience. I am glad my time at Engine so far has gotten me back to my flow.

The week kicked off with the team doing a “Review + Retro” of the last agency cycle. Engine works in two week cycles which are two weeks in duration and conclude with this meeting. Everyone on the team has a chance to voice what they thought was “good,” “bad,” what could be done “better,” and finally what was “best” about the cycle.

Matt putting up his two cents for “Review + Retro” for cycle 5.
The first full cycle I was a part of.

It is a great way for everyone to get a quick glance of how the team felt about the cycle and a healthy way to address concerns, set new goals and express gratitude and appreciation for fellow team members. I like this practice and you can feel the energy and camaraderie grow as the “bests” start to accumulate.

The good, the bad, the better and the best! “Review + Retro” for cycle 5. Notice the accumulation under best 🙂

For most of the week I was continuing to finish up and polish the branded deck for Trixie and the UX strategy team. I was able to get it finished by EOD on Thursday and am happy with the results and feedback I received. Now I can say I am comfortable and confident and making a branded presentation deck in Keynote! Boooyahhh!

33 acres has some seriously good pizza. And I know this is a divisive opinion but pineapple is delicious on pizza. Shout out to all my haters!

I had a couple of meetings this week. One of them being with Pawel who is one of the intermediate designers at Engine who specializes in motion design. I set up a tutorial with him because of my interest in learning more about UI animation. He shared with me some of his process and what he does to make beautiful and functional UI animations. Thanks Pawel for all the tips and tricks!

This is Jasper, Dean’s doggo. He is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and he is very friendly and happy pup.

The second meeting was my 1 on 1 with Gracey. Matt was meant to be there as well but he was out of the office sick most of the week so we decided to proceed without him. We went out to a coffee shop and discussed all of the things I was thinking and feeling about the previous week. Again, I felt really heard and seen by Gracey and walked away knowing the support continues to be strong and it instantly alleviated some anxieties and questions I had.

This was Jaden being a “fancy jumper” as one dad with his child call him. She was easily half Jaden’s size but he was making it look so fun she thought she would give it a go. Her dad unfortunately thought otherwise.

I finished this week off on not a great note. I was on my way to the office and started to feel really ill. When I arrived I was very feverish and nauseous. I told some people I wasn’t feeling too great so they told me to go home and take care of myself. Luckily, I was able to do some work remotely from my bed. I did a PQA for a project’s website and logged bugs that I found until around 1pm and then the flu hit me like a tonne of bricks and I have been in bed since. I have been too ill to make it into the office for Monday and today but am crossing my fingers I will be able to make it in tomorrow. Besides the sickness which had spread to more than half the office the third week continued to make me grow as a designer and pushed me to become reacquainted with my flow state.

You know what’s great? Having your best friend live a 10 minute walk from the office. You know what’s even more great? Having your friend live 10 minute walk from the office and making you the most delicious brunch and giant coffee ever!

Another week for the books! Weeeeeeee!

This is an odd picture of my feet. I was rocking my red Fluvogs and feeling happy it was Friday until… I got to the office and started feeling real iffy. My design friends told me to go home to bed which is where I have been all weekend and still am as I sit write this caption.

Week Two

The second week went by very quickly and felt much smoother than the first. I had a quite a few 1 on 1 meetings with some of the design team and a tutorial from Scott on how to set up my post production work flow for the paper craft photography. I spent most of my week working on this post production work with feedback and mentorship from Gracey, Peter and Scott. It was a great exercise of patience and attention to detail. Monday was mostly an exercise in establishing a workflow. Lots of googling and asking for Peter’s advice and referencing notes from Scott’s tutorial.

Batman peering in.

Once I got into the flow of things I meditatively edited, cropped and composed 10 final assets. Since the project hasn’t launched I am unable to show my work but it was gratifying to carry out this part of the project from start to finish. Gracey and I will be going over and making final minor tweaks tomorrow and then I will have officially contributed to my first real campaign for a real live client. Woo! For whomever is curious, here is the link to the website where my assets will be applied.

Lunch with Sam-a-lam on Wednesday afternoon at La Taqueria. There are so many good restaurants near the office!

I had three 1 on 1’s with Gracey, Matt and Yuji, plus my weekly 1 on 1 with Matt and Gracey. To kick off the week, Gracey and I headed to Elysian down the road for a coffee and a chat. We mostly talked about her career trajectory and why she got into this crazy industry to begin but also talked about random stuff as well. It was a great way to start the week off.

In my weekly 1 on 1, Matt and Gracey and I, discussed goals I’d had from the previous week and made sure I had carried out some of the actions to reach my goals. We discussed a fair amount in our 30 minute session and I walked out of it feeling very connected and supported by both Matt and Gracey.

My second 1 on 1 chat was with Yuji who bridges the the gap between front end development and design. He is a unicorn of sorts and can both design and develop. Yuji is a very interesting guy and has an equally fascinating back story. He is from Japan and has been living in Vancouver for the last few years. His English is remarkable considering he hardly knew any when he arrived! He also showed me the project he has been working on for over a year. The project launches this week so he is feeling the pressure right now! It is a very elegant interface with lots of subtle motion and interactions built mostly by Yuji and co-designed by Pawel and Yuji. These chats are a great way not only for insight into the work Engine Digital does but also to connect to the human behind this work.

Georgia is a cat dog and she makes my heart happy 🙂

Finally, my last 1 on 1 chat was with Matt on Friday morning. We headed out to Purebread for a coffee. Matt had a savory pastry and got some yummy cake for the team he worked with to launch the 3from website they had been working on for over two years that launched that day! Bravo to the whole team! It was cool to feel the buzz and energy of a big launch and years of hard work. Matt and I talked a little about work but spent most of the chat getting to know each other better which was a nice change of pace.

After I had finished working on the paper craft post production, I was briefed by one of Engine’s UX strategist Trixie to design a branded presentation deck for a client. The design challenge is to make a template that is scalable and flexible and fits within Engine and the client’s brand systems. Part of the learning curve for me has been learning how to work with Keynote. At first we were rivals but after some time and lots of figuring, we have become much closer acquaintances, some might even say friends haha! 😉 I broke this task into smaller subtasks and estimated the hours it was going to take me to complete each task.

A screen shot of my slack convo with Trixie and the breakdown of tasks for the branded deck.

I managed to get through the first pass of design exploration and keynote design by Friday and will be working on completing the final version by Thursday next week. So far it has been a great exercise in playing around with layout, typography and colour. I look forward to the coming week for feedback and revisions!

Another week down, six more to go! Bring it on…wahoo!


Engine Digital’s Entrance

Weeewoooo! Week one was a whirlwind with lots of information to process. Overall it was a great week filled with new and transition.

The journey started at 9am on Monday morning and Matt was there to greet me and get me settled. I was given some swag from the Engine team which was a nice surprise and great way to be welcomed in and then Matt briefed me to all of the office internal processes and software. The really nice thing about Engine’s onboarding is they made me a Trello board with all the information I needed to get started and could refer back to throughout the week.

Engine Digital Swag

Every morning Engine has an office check-in where we take attendance and then go down the list of staff to report what we are working on for the day and go over anything transactional. This is a good example of how even a simple task of checking in is done in a tailored way and was one of the many things to learn.

The office.

After check-in, Gracie my other mentor, took me on a tour around the office and introduced me to the team. Engine has four sub-teams: the developers, the UX strategist, the producers and the designers. Everyone explained what their role was at Engine and answered an ice-breaker question. After all the introductions, I got settled at my desk and the rest of the day was a matter of getting myself oriented with all that is Engine.

My desk space.

During the week I was able to start working on a project which consisted of making assets made of paper and crafting them into objects for Electrical Safety Day. It was a great first project to be tasked with since I was able to take a break from my screen and immerse myself into something tactile. It was also a steep learning curve since I had never done any paper crafting!

Paper craft assets I made with Gracie for Electrical Safety Day!

Once we were done crafting, we drew a shot list and I was tasked with art directing and styling the photoshoot! At first I was quite nervous to be given the reigns but once I got going I found myself in a flow state and pulling from my limited experience with studio photography. Albeit lots of trial and error and help from the design director, Peter, I was able to get all the shots we needed for the site. It was a gratifying first introduction into a project at Engine and I’m excited to learn more!

Paper craft photoshoot in action.
Georgia the dog and her assistant Peter.

On Friday, we had a what Engine calls a “Design Sync” lead this week by Gracie. At lunch time, the design team gathered in one of the board rooms and went over the wins of the week, what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, any concerns and issues and finished with a game.

Gracie, the host of Friday’s Design Sync.

The game was a great way to practice presenting to clients. Everyone was given a paper with a brand and re-brand of different company logos. We had five minutes to prepare a rationale to pitch to the client and sell them on the re-brand concept. The team then voted on whether we had convinced of the re-brand and were given feedback on why or why not. I was given Comedy Central and to my delight everyone’s hand shot up after my presentation. What a fun way to connect with the design team and get a real feel for how people present to clients. One of my favourite parts of the week!

From left to right: Matt, Pansy, Scott and Peter (eating his banana haha).
Pawel presenting to the board.

To finish the week off every Friday, Engine order’s beer from across the street from 33 Acres and we all gather to celebrate the hard work and socialize.

Outside 33 Acres. I ordered Pierogis for lunch on Friday. Yum!
The sign outside 33 Acres.

It was such a nice way to finish the week and get to know people on a more informal/personal level and talk with people that aren’t on the design team. If the following weeks are anything like this week, then I am in for a great practicum experience! 🙂

Upstairs for after work drinks and Boomer photobombing lol.

Mentorship with Engine Digital

Listen, Gather, Define

Week One


Meet my fabulous mentorship crew! (hee hee)

Matt and Simonne from Engine Digital were the captains of this mentorSHIP and guided us through the 6 week journey.

The first week we started off with an informal meet and greet. Cynthia, Jess, Jaden and I introduced ourselves and did some preliminary brainstorming about what direction we might want to head in.

Jaden and I decided to team up and take this challenge on as an unstoppable team. We both felt doing this project together would give us the experience of not only collaborating with seasoned professionals but also our peers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.40.38 PM

The agenda for the first meeting.

Showing Simonne and Matthew our portfolios was a really helpful exercise of talking about our work. It helped clarify what needs to be tightened up and how to better talk about our work and ideas.

The mentorship was based off how Engine Digital’s approaches client projects. This was a nice way to get a taste of how an agency might approach their work. The brief they proposed, asked the question:

“How would you improve the lives 
of people living in Vancouver through digital?”

We were asked to identify a real need and use existing technology to address this problem.  We presented our work through a three stage process: Plan, Design and Extend.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.56.51 PM

The three formal presentations of the three stage design process: plan, design, extend.


Week Two

For the second week we were deep in the middle of the discovery process. Casting a wide net to identify a problem we could address through technology. Jaden and I started with brainstorming around mental health since it was something we were both passionate about. We researched a lot around mental health apps and “E” mental health and how they could be improved. We looked at trial based evidence for how successful these technologies are at helping prevent and support mental illness. From our research three main insights started to emerge:

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 10.13.20 PM

Week Three

In the third week we pitched our initial thoughts and ideas in our first formal presentation. Jaden and I looked at exploring solving some aspect of mental health either through an app or through a VR game.

After discussion and feedback, we ultimately decided to go with an app that was built around communication since this was the best way to integrate accessible and customized care into people’s daily lives.

Imagine, Ideate, Explore









personal brand poster

“Reflectively Tenacious.” I chose these two words as my essence because I am constantly processing, analyzing and reflecting on my life and the world around me and I am also so stubborn and unable to let things go once I start them. Even when great obstacles are put in my path, and even though I often feel like giving up and folding up my tent, I always am determined to get back up and keep moving forward. This colours my world and provides the foundation from which I step through life with. It informs my thinking and my problem solving and I think is reflected in my creative process and the way I work.

My accompanying words: empathetic, perseverant, strong, brave and goofy. Although, it is difficult to distill your personality and identity down into five words it is a great reflective exercise to deeply think about how you truly are in the world and what kind of person you want to represent yourself as. I think these traits have been a part of me consistently and have stood the test of time. They are attributes I haven’t been able to shake.

I wanted my statement to be a little provocative and unconventional in tone since I tend to like to approach most things in my life this way. Also being as authentic and real to who I am is really important to me. I don’t want to put on any masks or try to pretend I am something I am not or present some polished version of myself. I want raw, real and unedited because that is what I want to attract into my life.

With all that said, here is my personal brand poster:


editorial layout

opening spread




drop caps, lead-in and pull quotes





I chose to do a digital magazine for this project to try and explore the format and understand the different considerations for digital vs print. I chose the New York Times Magazine as the publication my article would be featured in. Below is a breakdown of their audience.Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.20.54 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.21.15 AM

My article is from Psychology Today and is about depression. It attempts to uncover the underlying nuance of what causes it and how it is best treated. It draws a comparison of depression to the Greek mythological monster Hydra and how no matter how many times Hercules tries to lop of the heads, they keep growing back similar to the reoccurring nature of depression. The opening spread typographical concept was an attempt to show the reoccurrence of depression. I chose the handwritten font to accompany it for the deck, pull quotes and drop caps because it reminds me of the snakes from the Hydra monster. The article was designed to be read in portrait but it can also be easily flipped on the iPad and be read horizontally.

I would give myself a 7.5/10. I worked really hard to understand the digital approach to layout design and tried to fit my design into the parameters of target audience and style of the New York Times Magazine. In the future I would like to add more interactivity as the user scrolls and reads through the article.

Here is a link to the Invision prototype.